Aubergine Parmigiana

With mushrooms, mozzarella and salad


Pulse Pie

With sweet potato, cumin and greens


Turmeric cauliflower + Orecciette cheese

With focaccia


Squash, Spinach and ricotta Lasagne

With focaccia and rocket


Chickpea and Braised Fennel Sofrito

With tomatoes herbs and focaccia


Smokey Coconut dhal

With jasmine rice, and asian salad




Lamb shoulder and Chickpea hot pot

With watercress salad and focaccia


Slow-cooked Beef Lasagne

With focaccia and pea shoots


Lamb and Charred Aubergine Moussaka

With focaccia and radish and rocket salad


Lamb and and Tamarind Meatballs

With focaccia and fattoush


Chicken, Coconut and Chickpea curry

With brown rice and asian salad