Apocalypse Chow

How do you eat well in an apocalypse?

Ignoring the details of how (natural disaster/ plague/ zombies/ etc) the basic principles of any apocalypse would remain the same: Make friends. Keep moving. Hideout somewhere remote. Eat well. The brief for an apocalyptic cook would also remain the same: Source the best supplies. Create interesting dishes that make people happy (and healthy). Work at Speed.  Don’t get stressed.

Basic Instructions and things to bear in mind

Cooking equipment:

  1. Fire (Very important. Always have lighters and matches).

  2. Steel billy can (1litre) -for water boiling and cooking

  3. Frying pan.

  4. Bush knife (steel, thick blade) + sharpening stone

  5. Wooden spoon (can be made with a knife easily.)

  6. Good bag to carry it all in.

  7. *knives, sporks, plates, cups are nice but not essential.


  1. Water (always boil // rain water is as clean as the vessel it caught in)

  2. Cans (long life - can be opened on concrete)

  3. Dried/ dehydrated (A good way to preserve and lighten good ingredients - can be done in a low oven, or sun-dried. Worth taking the time to do)

  4. Pickles and ferments (for taste and long life)

  5. Nuts, pulses, pasta, and seeds. (long life, lightweight)

  6. Flour (as much as you can carry)

  7. Ground spices and seasoning (salt, pepper, coriander, chilli, turmeric are all worth their weight in gold)

  8. Game animals (Rabbit, pigeon, squirrel, deer - hunting skills required)

  9. Fish (From the sea, if safe. Or rivers and lakes if inland - fishing skills required)

  10. Foraging: Mushrooms (know your poison), wild garlic, apples, bay leafs, blackberries etc...


Wild garlic and mushroom pasta, with pounded nuts and seeds

The pounded nuts and seeds will give you the necessary fat content to create a creamy, healthy pasta dish. Cook the mushrooms in the frying pan until brown, add pounded nuts. Boil pasta, blanch garlic for two seconds. Add pasta, garlic, and a little water to the frying pan and serve immediately (goes well with cheese, if you have).

Pot Noodles

Dice and dehydrate any fresh vegetable you can find. Mix in a bag with thin noodles and spices. Simply add boiling water and wait five minutes. (A perfect lunch on the move).

Rabbit or Squirrel wrap

Rabbits and squirrels taste similar, and are both in abundance in the wild. (But there’s more meat on a rabbit). Skin and boil (with bay leaf and salt) until meat falls off (blach some nettles in the water also). Make flat breads from flour and water. Fry boiled meat with spices, add a can of tomatoes (or tomato puree), and roll up.

Sushi, Sauerkraut and Blackberrys

Cabbages are common in England, so find one salt it, and let it ferment for 5 days. Pack in airtight bags (with caraway seeds if you have them) and keep cool. Fish, if caught fresh, is delicious eaten raw. The blackberries give the dish a nice acidic touch.